Build Your Business – 20 Minutes at a Time!

Do you own a service-based business? Do you spend most of your day meeting with clients, driving to estimates, or working from a job site? Are you in need of easy-to-access educational tools that are immediately applicable to you and your operations?

Whether your skilled trade is in photography, construction, interior design or landscaping, running a mobile business is time consuming. Outgrow Your Garage offers easy, self-guided online business courses that provide you with the tools and resources you need to help you manage your growing business.

Our courses focus your day-to-day operations and offer practical, step-by-step plans designed to help you organize everything from your sales process to how to price your services.

Business expertise by the trades, for the trades.

The idea for Outgrow Your Garage blossomed when Jessi, our founder, experienced the ebbs and flows of managing Pears to Perennials (the landscaping business she owned in Denver, CO) until it became so busy that she had to turn customers away. That’s when she knew that she needed to expand, but didn’t know where to start. She knew she had to hire to meet client demand, but first needed to determine what she could afford. Would hiring a new employee bring in more revenue, or did she need more revenue in order to hire?

It was times like these during her five years with Pears to Perennials that made her wish she had a textbook with all of the answers. She discovered that many small business owners, especially those who run service-based businesses, often have to be in two places at once – working the billable jobs while also running the administrative side of the business behind the scenes – which can make expansion difficult to manage.

Jessi decided to cater to her peers by creating courses built around her personal experiences in business. The idea is to help small business owners everywhere continue to grow and prosper with a virtual, easy-to-manage structure designed to take the guesswork out of business expansion. We believe that there is a gap in business development for those small, service-based businesses, and we are here to fill that gap.

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