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Nail the Sale Without Being a Pushy Salesman

by Jessi Burg Starting and growing a business is all about making sales. Without sales, you have no revenue, and without revenue, you have no business. But making sales often feels awkward, especially for first time entrepreneurs with no sales experience.  So, how do successful entrepreneurs overcome the awkwardness, embrace the sale, and get paid? […]

Guest Blog With Otisa Eads: 4 Ways to Foster Inclusivity in the Workplace

by Otisa Eads Inclusivity may be an easy concept to understand, but it is harder to implement and maintain within an organization. What do I mean by that? Well, I have noticed that it is much easier for a manager or leader to simply talk about inclusion than it is to follow through on making […]

How to Approach Firing A Client

What are some valid reasons to fire a client, and how do you go about doing it politely? Today’s blog brings you tips for letting bad clients go, and tricks for sharpening your radar to catch these unfortunate customers before they land in your sales net.

Jessi’s Holiday Week Musings, Part 1

by Jessi Burg and Kelly Sullivan Today’s blog post is the first in a new series at Outgrow Your Garage about the unique relationship that entrepreneurs have with holidays.  Starting in September, we have a nationally recognized holiday in the United States roughly once a month until the end of the year. September brings Labor […]


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