Courses and Co-working

Each course contains:

-A FREE promotional mini course that acts as a teaser for the full course content

-A free introduction to the full course

-A starting point for growth

-A step-by-step approach for what comes next

-Modules containing presentations and a series of videos

-Examples, activities and a practical application for your business

Every course is available in multiple formats, which makes them ideal for mobile businesses. You can listen to the audio while you’re driving, or watch a video in-between appointments. You can print the activities to be done on a job site, or do them right from your phone through Google Forms. They are designed to be done during ANY available time you might have, even if it’s only 10-20 minutes at a time!

At the end of each course, students will have a finished procedure with a set of next steps, depending on the theme of the course. If the course is on a growth topic like hiring or price setting, students will organize their existing procedures, identify their priorities and problem areas, and apply the content directly to their business to plan their next steps. If the course is focused on operations, students will create a replicable process that they can also use for hiring or staff training.

We’ve experienced firsthand how hard it is to juggle meeting clients all day with trying to tackle the responsibilities that come with owning a business. With so many people now working from home, many also find that their productivity is heightened in a group setting.

Outgrow Your Garage offers virtual co-working sessions twice a week to boost productivity and accountability in your busy week. By providing a virtual space for you to get necessary work done, we are also encouraging you to grow your network by joining other small business owners who are doing the same. Learn new things, make new connections, and carve out some time to use in a constructive way!

All sessions are currently free of charge, so come check us out!

“Outgrow Your Garage’s co-working sessions have been amazing for me. As a small business owner, I get easily sidetracked wearing all the hats and don’t complete important tasks. The layout of the sessions really helps to pull me back to where I am supposed to be. I also love the breaks and talking with others, it’s motivating.”

LaRae Martinez, 52EightyEnt

“The Outgrow Your Garage Co-working days have a structure and accountability format where I actually get things done! My never-ending to-do list is shorter after the co-working session, and I can’t say that on regular days when it’s just my list and me!”

Jenn Uhen, The Pledgettes